A Selection of Healthy Happy Horse
Client Testimonials...

"It seemed like I was not seeing much progress with Raissa's healing until you worked on her. Now I feel like every day she gets better and better! She's gone from dead lame at the walk to a week later almost sound enough to go outside!! I am soooo happy!! Thanks Janine!! :)"

                                                                                             Karen Goranson, Oshawa, ON

"The farrier was out today & found he's a little sore on the left front now in his toe. However he is sound :) [the horse had pulled up with unexplained lameness during a practice ride in the arena] & his canter felt absolutely amazing today thanks to the treatment!!! He's never felt that good before so whatever you did to his back is fabulous!"

                                                                                 Courtney Rose Dunkeld, Uxbridge, ON

"I just had a wobbles "scare" with a colt of mine, and I ended up thankfully not sending him to Guelph as my pocketbook could not handle it for sure. Instead, I tried Jin Shin Jyutsu, the practitioner [Janine Cheung] was able to find where the spine had been unjured, worked on him with no stress, (he was for the most part, hanging his head and sleeping) the proof was in the pudding next day when he went out and was much happier, had much freer movement and was acting the little devil with his sister who he goes out with.

The one treatment cost me less than the trailer ride to Guelph, and the practitioner showed me things to do myself, to keep the process going, and will be coming back again to work on him for sure because of the great results."
                                                                                          Jennifer Smith, Newmarket, ON

"I have been using my JSJ [knowledge gained at a Healthy Happy Horse Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Care Workshop] and have some neat stories to share...I have been treating my Cushings mare and Brian's lame mare and have had good results.

Also, My older shepard came up very sore and not eating or wanting to move around and after doing the "quickies" for 3 days in a row, he is back to normal and running around and he will be 13 in November.

Now there is a stud at the barn who after his yearly needles this year got very sick and heevy and lost a bunch of weight. The vets have come out and given him all kinds of drugs etc. I personally think he is allergic to the needles and the penicillin they gave to him to clear up the hives. Anyways, I have now done 2 treatments Tuesday and Wednesday night. Yesterday he actually ate up his food, which he hadn't been doing and his breathing seems to have slowed slightly. He is happy to see me and a little bit more lively. He is a test for sure as he is in bad shape. The owner doesn't really believe in JSJ but I am continuing to try, it won't hurt and I BELIEVE. "
                                                                                                 Selena Sylvain, Guelph, ON

"It's been a while since I attended your seminar, and I have been practicing with lucky Jonah! He definitely benefits from it, and when I have time, I try it on the other horses, and am impressed with the reaction I get. Jonah goes to sleep in the cross-ties!! Wish I could!"

                                                                                        Christine Johnston, King City, ON

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