Healthy Happy Horse Special Case Study:

Nicholas' Story...

Nicholas and Karen

This is a bittersweet story of a 21 year old thoroughbred horse named Nicholas, that illustrates the profound power of Jin Shin Jyutsu to heal not just the physical, but also the emotions.

One fine Fall day my friend Karen was going through the familiar routine of tacking up her horse Nicholas, who was standing in cross-ties in the aisle of the small private barn where he was boarded. Suddenly, without warning, he slipped and fell on his side. After a few frantic moments, he returned to his feet and seemed to be okay. However, later that day he was off his feed.

Concerned that Nicholas may have injured himself when he fell, Karen asked her vet to come out and have a look at him. The vet came the next day, he examined Nicholas, but couldn't find anything wrong. He then drew blood for testing and told Karen to continue her efforts in coaxing Nicholas to eat. Two days later the vet called to report that Nicholas' blood tests were clear. Nicholas had now not eaten in four days, he seemed to be in constant pain and was visibly wasting away.

At this point, Karen asked me to treat Nicholas. When I arrived at the barn he was alone in his paddock. When I saw him I had to hold back a gasp as he was very unsteady on his legs, would only walk backwards in a circle, with his nose on the ground and was without a doubt the sickest looking horse I have ever seen. I began giving him a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. His body immediately seemed to visibly relax, and when I worked on his neck, his muscles contracted and released in huge waves down to his shoulder. When he had enough he pulled his neck back and resumed his backwards circle walking.

This time however, he was so wobbly, I feared he would literally drop dead at any moment. It was too painful to watch him, so Karen and I then left the barn and planned to return eight hours later for Nicholas' second Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. I secretly expected to find a dead horse in the paddock upon our return, and began mentally working out a treatment plan to help Karen through the deep grief I knew she would experience.

When we returned to the farm there was no Nicholas standing in the paddock. With a heavy heart I began to scan the ground for his body, but there was none. Confused and apprehensive, Karen and I walked into the barn, and there in his stall, was Nicholas, attempting to eat his hay. The barn manager then spotted us by his stall and came over to speak with us. She said that she didn't know what it was I had done to him, but whatever I did seemed to have worked, because he had perked up a couple hours after his treatment and by feeding time, he was waiting by the gate and she had been able to lead him back to his stall.

While Karen went off to prepare a warm mash to feed him, I began his second Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. Throughout the treatment I noted that his energy was responding much better, and that the sparkle had returned to his eyes, and that he thankfully no longer seemed to be in pain. While Nicholas eagerly ate his mash, I taught Karen a Jin Shin Jyutsu flow to do on him nued to recover.

When I returned to treat him two days later, he was almost back to his normal, playful self. Karen continued to give him Jin Shin Jyutsu flows twice a day, and four days later her vet determined that he had sufficiently recovered his strength to be trailored to Guelph to have x-rays taken of his neck. However, the ride over had been hard on him, and when he came off the trailor his legs were unsteady, and he looked to be in great pain. The vet at Guelph suggested that he be put down there and then, but Karen asked him to give her a few minutes, during which time she gave him the Jin Shin Jyutsu flow I had taught her. Within 20 minutes he was back to acting like a normal horse and was lead off to have his x-rays.

Unfortunately, the news was not good, as the x-rays had revealed that he had a bone chip off of one of his vertebra that was lying close to a nerve, deep inside his neck. Because he was 21 years old, operating was not an option. Karen sadly elected to take her beloved Nicholas home to allow her to spend some final quality time with him, and to prepare to say goodbye. She then asked me to teach her some Jin Shin Jyutsu flows to do with Nicholas that would help ease his transition and help her to cope with his loss. She later told me that during their final week together, she could see him get more relaxed and peaceful with each treatment. And that she believes that being able to share Jin Shin Jyutsu with Nicholas at the end, greatly eased both his passing and her own peace of mind.

Rest in peace dear brave Nicholas, forever free to gallop in the lush, abundant pastures of the great beyond.

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