A Selection of Healthy Happy Horse Case Studies...

8 yr old Apaloosa Mare
This 8 year old mare had been experiencing problems with her right shoulder that had been causing intermmitent lameness for 6 months. The vet and other therapists who had examined her, could not determine a cause and she ended up being labelled as having "unexplained lameness". Being unfit to ride, the vet had suggested that the only option left was to do a muscle biopsy to try and determine a cause. The owner was relunctant to agree to this and was searching for alternative solutions.

At the pre-treatment examination, Janine, the Healthy Happy Horse practitioner, noted that the mare's muscles were extremely hard, especially on the right shoulder. The mare's owner responded that this was their usual state, and that in fact, an equine massage therapist had given up trying to give the mare a massage because her muscles simply were not malleable. It was also noted that the mare had large raised, unhealed scars on her hindlegs that were the result of her having gotten tangled up in a barbwire fence at the age of two.

Janine worked on this mare, and after just one Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment the lameness issue was resolved. The the day after her treatment, the mare was ridden for the first time in six months, and showed no sign of lameness. Additionally, the owner remarked that she had noticed changes in temperment, with the mare being less stubborn and generally more willing and mannerly when being lead.

In the week following her first treatment the mare remained generally sound, but towards the end of the week she had begun to favour her shoulder a little. After her second Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment session she was again sound. The mare then received a third Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment a week later, after which she remained sound for a whole year. As an added bonus, her six year old scars had begun to heal, and were about 50% less prominent then they had been prior to the mare receiving treatments.

About one year later, Janine received a call from the frantic owner who was very distressed because the mare was standing on her "tip toes" on all four hooves. The call came at the tail-end of a long weekend when both Janine and her partner, Gord were away, fortunately, the farm where the mare was located was on their way home, and they were able to stop off to give her a "double practitioner" treatment - with both left and right sides of the horse being treated simultaneously. When lead out of her stall, the practitioners noted that she was indeed walking on the tips of her hooves.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment was given to first balance her overall energy, and then to work specifically on her tendons and ligaments. Half way through the treatment it was noted that the mare was standing firmly on all four hooves. No follow-up treatment was required.

6 yr old Paint Gelding
This horse was in lower level dressage training. He was experiencing problems with his neck being extremely stiff and unable to bend. He was also bucking when being asked to bend to the inside, and generally did not seem too enthusiastic about being worked.

Janine performed a physical assessment and gave a treatment, during the course of which, the horse experienced several large muscle releases in his neck and shoulder areas. The owner rode the horse the next day and reported that some of the stiffness had been alleviated. A second treatment was given three days later, that was designed to not only address the physical discomfort the horse was experiencing, but also to address the emotional distress that Janine had picked up from him during the course of his first treatment.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is very effective at releasing emotional blockages and clearing the memory of emotions from the cellular structure, thus as the horse experienced more releases, a clearer picture emerged of his underlying emotional state. Janine, who is a natural animal empath, began to feel that the horse had tuned-out or given up. She felt that he had experienced a great deal of loss in his life, and she noted that he did not seem to have any horse buddies in the barn, in short she felt that the horse was depressed. When questioned, the owner admitted that the horse could indeed be considered to have experienced losses in his life, the most recent being when he had switched barns and left his bonded horse friend behind. The owner further confirmed that her horse had so far, not made any friends among the horses at his new barn, and that he did not appear to be very fond of his part-boarder.

The horse's third treatment was designed to balance depression, sadness and loss, as well as deal with the physical. By the end of the one hour treatment, he was very playful, his eyes were sparkling and full of life, and he was showing off his supple neck, by making playful snake-like movements with it.

Aged Pony Gelding
This aged pony was taken in by his current owner at the end of a long summer camp season. He was in rough physical shape, and was very aggressive and generally sour, literally trying to bite off anyone's arm that tried to groom him or dared to even venture too close to his stall.

Janine was called in to see what could be done for him. When she went into his stall to give him his first treatment, he was wary about being touched, but allowed work to be done on his shoulders and back during which he experienced many physical releases. He was very determined however, not to allow his hindquarters to be touched. Even so, the pony experienced pronounced changes in temperament and body structure after just one treatment.

During his second treatment, Janine was still unable to touch his hindquarters without being bitten and decided to switch from using Jin Shin Jyutsu to Reconnective Healing, because it is a type of energy healing that does not require direct physical contact. Standing approximately 3 feet away from the pony, Janine started pulling energy out of his hindquarters. The pony's hindquarter muscles started rippling in waves, releasing their tension. The owner reported that after his second treatment, he was still prone to biting and generally nappy behaviour, but was not quite as aggressive about it.

A week later, during his third treatment, the pony allowed Janine to touch him all over and during his Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment, experienced a very deep release in his spine, that was audible as a loud cracking sound coming from deep within him. After this cracking release his whole temperament changed, and instead of trying to bite off Janine's arm, he began to nuzzle it. By the end of the treatment he was asking to have his face scratched, and was no longer trying to bite. People who work with the pony, now report that he seems to have undergone a complete change of attitude, he is more willing to go about his work, and is much more amiable.

5 Year Old Standardbred Mare
This mare had been retired from racing for over a year, but was still not adjusting well to her new life. She was living out 24/7 but having trouble keeping weight on her, and was being ostracized by her new paddock mates, who would chase her away from the hay bale and not let her stand with them.

When Janine first met her, this mare was very underweight, and had a dull lifeless look to her eyes. During her first Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment she began to have loud gut sounds and deep sigh releases. After her treatment she was turned back out in the paddock, and was allowed to eat with the other horses. The other horses also stopped picking on her, and she was soon integrated into the small herd.

After her second JIn Shin Jyutsu treatment, more of her true personality started to emerge, and it was noted that the once ultra-docile mare, actually had a strong stubborn streak. After her second treatment, it was noted that the sparkle had returned to her eyes, and she was beginning to put on weight.

6 Month Old Pony Colt
This young pony colt was exhibiting strange behaviour. Unable to run properly, he would take bunny hops with his back legs. The owner suspected that he might have somehow injured the vertebra in his neck, or worst case scenario, that he had wobblers syndrome.

Janine did some preliminary work on the colt to check out where his energy blockages were, and determined that he had somehow injured the vertebra near his skull. A Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment was given to realign the jaw, spine and vertebra. After his treatment the owner reported that the colt was very energetic and running much better.

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