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At Healthy Happy Horse, we specialize in helping horses and other equines who are experiencing discomfort return to a healthy, balanced state of being. This includes rehabilitation from new or old physical injuries, and the resolution of chronic conditions that are simply being managed by medication. Our energy therapies have also been very successful in resolving behavourial problems caused by emotional imbalances. Over the past 12 years of practice, Janine Cheung, has helped many horses let go of fear and anxiety, helping them to be calm, safe, sensible and willing riding partners.

Fortunately, there is increasing scientific evidence that alternative therapies can be highly effective for conditions which do not respond to conventional treatment, especially those of a chronic physical nature, and those where a horse's emotions are simply out of whack. They have also been observed to reduce the healing time of acute conditions, such as broken bones, torn tendons, and such, by as much as half when combined with conventional veterinary treatments.

For all these reasons, horse owners and trainers are turning in growing numbers to time tested, alternative and complementary treatments for themselves and their horses, to enhance and complement conventional western medical treatment. In many cases, using energy therapy to help offset the effects of long term treatment by pharmaceutical drugs which can result in undesirable, if not damaging, side effects.

At Healthy Happy Horse, we view the horse as a whole, and not just its disease or injury, which is why our services can be beneficial for any condition. Our Certified Practitioners use Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tibetan Bon Five Element Energy Healing and Reconnective Healing or a combination of all when needed, when giving healing energy treatments. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese healing system that is based on the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. It is a hands-on, yet gentle and non-invasive therapy. Reconnective Healing is an energy based hands-off healing modality, similar to Reiki.

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